The Indian Mutant

how the PCR labelled deaths stack up against questions of fact

India has concocted a deadly mutant of the novel 2019 virus within its exotic atmosphere, the virologists proclaim.

In no time, the flames of fear have been fanned across the world by the new media and the old media.

Allegedly, the Indian Frankenstein is not content with terrorizing his creators. Haaretz says that he arrived in Israel, and surely multiplying his offspring even among the vaccinated.

Nikkei Asia chimed in that the tide of deaths beats the same rythm in Japan as it does in India, while chiding both nations for the slowness of their vaccination campaigns.

NHK World-Japan sounded the alarm for WHO, which says that the Indian variant has been detected in 49 countries and territories as of Tuesday (May 11, 2021).

But, what are the facts on the ground?

Facts for questioning

(a) 3.2 Million pilgrims congregrated at Haridwar on Mar 11, 2021

The Maha Kumbh Mela of 2021 brought 9.1 million million pilgrims to the shores of River Ganga (Ganges) at Haridwar.

Of these, a staggering 7.1 million pilgrims had visited the site between Mar 11 and Apr 14.

On Mar 11, on the occasion of Maha Sivarathri, mother Ganga washed off the sins of 3.2 million pilgrims, while the modern age seers of India held gorgeous events in English in their high-tech ashrams!

(b) Yet, the curve remained flat between Mar 11 and Apr 14!

Total number of PCR positive labelled quarantines (red curve), and releases from quarantine (blue curve) per 1000 people. PCR positive labelled deaths (black curve) per 100,000 people. Data source: COVID-19 India Datasets by DataMeet The data were plotted by the author.
For comparison, yearly deaths due to pneumonia in the developed world are at about 75 people per a population of 100,000, while India loses 45 people (mostly children) per 100,000 per year to gastrointestinal deaths.

Haridwar district, within the Indian state of Uttarakhand which hosted the holy congregation, has a population of 1 million.

It is to this population that an additional 3.2 million people were added on Mar 11, 2021.

As the colorful pictures of Kumbh Mela show, bodies press against bodies in more intimate ways, and aerosol-laden breaths wind their way in and out of many more nostrils, than one experiences on a ride in Tokyo's Yamanote line on its most crowded day.

Yet, in all of Uttarakhand PCR positive labelled quarantines (red curve) and deaths (black curve) remained remarkably flat for a full month past the Mar 11 event, till about Apr 14, 2021.

(c) Since Apr 14, PCR labelled deaths rose in Uttarakhand as it did in neighbouring Delhi

(d) And, in Lakshwadweep too!

Lakshwadweep, however, is a remote island on India's west coast, as hard to get in, as it is to leave.

Further, 97% of Lakshwadweep's people are Muslim, and unlikely to have attended the Kumbh Mela, even in the most unlikely circumstance that they were paid to do so.

(e) Yet, the mutant neglects millions of protesting farmers a stone's throw away from Delhi.

The mutant variant which can magically transcend vast corridors of fresh air to the east, west, north, or south has, alas, neglected the millions of people gathered on the hallway of Delhi — this massive caravan of farmers protesting in the open air to sustain their livelihoods against the clutches of globalist robber barons, whom its own government had clandestinely ushered into the country in the wake of viruses, lockdowns, and pandemic cures.

This massive caravan of farmers protesting just outside the captial of death, every nano,femto,pico second since Nov 2020

Source: Karti Dharti

There are women, children, the frail and the old among the protesters who are camped out a stone's throw away from the capital of deaths.

Source: Karti Dharti

The hands that mix the flour to make roti for the protesters are many— these dirty hands spurned by sanitizers, and those noses through which the virus-laden air makes many a merry passage in and out at least about 10 times a minute.

Yet, for reasons inexplicable, the deadly mutant variant which wrecks havoc all around the world, even in the rural parts of Japan, shies away from the farmers, like Dracula from a bunch of humble garlic leeks.

(f) The Indian summer is between March and May.

In most parts of India, it is very hot in the day and temperatures drops sharply down in the night during the peak of Indian summer, between April and May.

In parts of India, hot dry days are punctuated by sharp spells of cool, damp weather, when the pre-monsoon downbursts, in their infinite compassion, try to relieve the billions of human and animal souls of the scorching gaze of the merciless sun.

Yet, the compassion is misplaced.

The hot weather, its sudden change accompanied by bouts of chilly, damp air lead to seasonal sickness, most notably respiratory troubles, which reaches a maximum in March–April with a secondary peak in July (Kosambi and Raghavachari, 1954 for example).

(g) Dust storms that bring fine dust from deserts to the northwest further aggravate respiratory illnesses.

(h) Further exarcerbating natural factors is air pollution— and, Delhi is the reigning world champion!

(i) The common Indian is continually terrorized by the media and state alike to constrain their oxygen intake under the hottest of weathers.

(j) And herded into hospitals to recieve India's treatment protocols for PCR positives

source: Dileep V Kumar, Express News Service, 04 Sep 2020
source: Muskaan Tekwani,, 23 Oct 2020
An Indian 'COVID patient' receiving medical treatment in Goa, the state with total PCR positives second only to Delhi source: Muskaan Tekwani,, 23 Oct 2020

(k) India's Remdesivir trials — a timeline

May 8, 2020 - Indian Embassy in Cairo to purchase, on behalf of Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, 300,000 doses of Remdesivir from Egypt's EVA Pharma.

June 1, 2020 - Drug Controller General of India approves emergency use of Remdesivir to people testing positive with a PCR test.

The article says Remdesivir is being over-prescribed and this has led to inflated prices. Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan talks about the need to ramp up testing.

Apr 11, 2021 - Indian Govt. prohibits exports of remdesivir and its active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) the article states that seven indian companies are producing the drug under licensing agreement with Gilead sciences. They have a capacity of 388000 units per month (combined capacity?)

Apr 12, 2021

Apr 12, 2021 - Free distribution of Remdesivir in Gujarat

Apr 17, 2021

Apr 26, 2021

May 15, 2021

May 19, 2021

May 19, 2021