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The Fake PCR Test from Prof. Dr. Drosten

(Translation to English of a German language podcast from Corona-Transition on 2.12.2020)


The PCR Test Protocol developed by Germany’s Prof. Christian Drosten is the basis for the global infection counts, lockdowns and political decisions. Now, a high-powered international research team has documented ten grave errors and hidden conflicts of interest arising in this test. These scientists are calling for the retraction of Prof. Drosten’s scientific publication describing the test. This could have wide reaching consequences. Vlad and Arno discuss this in the 4th podcast episode from the

Translation of Discussion

So here we are again, and this is already the 4th episode of the Corona Transition podcasts and we must connect again with Vlad Georgescu because Vlad wants to talk about Christian Drosten whose activities he has been busy following, not just yesterday but already for quite some time. Now something new and explosive has just happened.

Vlad: Hello, my mood is really good today, I am very optimistic.

Arno: That’s hard to imagine when compared to the last time we talked.

Vlad: Yes, I am very optimistic that the career of Prof. Drosten is getting a massive dent, or perhaps it’s finished, I don’t know really.

Arno: You did a great amount of research and were yourself in Leipzig to read his doctoral thesis. Can you give us another small update on what has happened so far?

Vlad: Well I don't want to take credit myself but in this case would just refer to Dr. Markus Kühbacher as one of the leading experts in Germany who specialises in science fraud. All we have done from the Corona Transition side is just to look for the doctoral thesis which for a very long time was not to be found in any library in Germany. Then at some point it appeared in the National German Library. I was then able to look at it in peace and quiet but what Dr. Kühbacher did is to investigate very meticulously why this thesis paper was not previously listed or catalogued in any library.

Also the University of Frankfurt, the Goethe University, was more and more entangled in some kind of contradiction and, just so that you don't misunderstand this, it is not about someone claiming that Drosten should have done something different about the PCR test but only about meeting the strict deadline every applicant has to meet for submitting a doctoral thesis.

The University of Frankfurt has claimed that everything was in order and the thesis submitted on time but the facts Dr. Kühbacher discovered suggest something completely different. The University of Frankfurt said there was a revision certificate in the archives and one has to understand what this means. A revision certificate effectively says that everything was delivered correctly, so it is like a receipt for delivery. This was Frankfurt University’s official position. But last week Dr. Kühbacher proclaimed on Twitter that upon request to the University they have admitted that this certificate is not available. Naturally, that is a game changer, because in my opinion this means … it suggests to me that the certificate to evidence the timely submission of the thesis does not exist at all. This would naturally have certain consequences; as you can imagine for example if you do not deliver something on time to an official body, like the Tax Authority. This is something which has to be taken seriously and it is the same rule for everybody. So what I am saying is that it is possible that Drosten’s promotion (to doctor status) has been falsely approved.

Indeed, if he were not entitled to this doctor title then he could not be a professor. If this were so then he would not be allowed to apply for third party funding and do what he has now done, so the legal implications would be huge. But Dr. Kühbacher is taking care of this investigation and we very excited of course but just observers. At Corona Transition we only report on the hard facts, we are not speculating. But it remains exciting in any case.

Arno: This would have very serious consequences for him but now something else came out a few days ago and it is about the PCR test and this again has consequences worldwide. This test can be interpreted in many different ways and we have already written and reported a lot about it and I think that we will achieve little new. But now there is actually an international research team of very high-ranking doctors and scientists and they have had a concrete look at what the Drosten PCR test can and cannot do.

Vlad: Yes, and you really have to say that compared to the fuss about his doctorate this is actually the real bombshell. Why? Well, because so far there has only been isolated media reports, a few individual scientists very gently hinting that the PCR test possibly might not be running smoothly. There has been this discussion going on from the beginning, there were actually people who said that the PCR test leads to many false positive results. And we at Corona Transition have now also explicitly explained why this is so.

But now it is naturally a big difference if a medium like us writes and says that based on various scientific studies that prove this, or however when it is a truly international team composed together around Dr. Peter Borger and we now have names like Prof. Dr. Ulrike Kämmerer from the university hospital of Würzburg, or Prof. Klaus Steger at the Justus Liebig University of Gießen. There are professors from Japan, from Austria, from the UK and from Switzerland, from Italy and from Germany…. and so when it also includes people from the USA and from the Netherlands this really is a very, very, top-class consortium. They did not just say that the test shows nothing, but they have explained exactly why and also made much harsher accusations, one of the most bitter accusations made against Prof. Drosten is that he failed to report conflicts of interest. This not only has a bitter taste but of course raises the question of whose payroll he is actually on and which interests he really pursues.

All this can be viewed online, it is very well summarised, very well scientifically supported and the quintessence is that they say that the method Drosten presented …

Arno: … you have to say that was in January when he presented a test of how to detect this virus without knowing the virus and without, so to speak, having had the virus under the microscope.

Vlad: OK you can say that he is a genius to get this Drosten-Corman study appearing in the Eurosurveillance journal on I think the twenty first of January, but this team of researchers said that it has such serious flaws in the development and the process that the publication should be withdrawn. You could excuse this by saying ‘shit happens’ but they just haven’t kept up certain standards, and the consequences for the world public identified by the authors of the analysis were gigantic … because you have to realise that all measures worldwide … lockdowns … all measures in Germany and Switzerland are actually based on the number of so-called ‘new infections’ and that is defined as a positive PCR test.

This means that a positive result signifies you are ‘infected’, you are a new ‘case’ of infection and because these case numbers have increased with the increase in testing, people have exclaimed; ‘Oh god there is a dramatic increase’. So this drives the lockdown and all the measures we know.

But it goes even further than this. They have even said we must now allow the pharmaceutical industry to throw all regulations overboard and allow them to produce millions… no billions …of vaccine doses containing nano particles so that all mankind can be treated with a vaccine where you neither know the long-term risks nor the long-term effects nor anything at all, because this whole thing has only gone on for just a few months now. And all that is based on the worldwide PCR testing regime.

The authors say the second big mistake of this test is that there are no standards specified so Drosten and his cohorts actually did not even think it necessary to specify the right parameters. As an example, he should have said that the test must run for so many cycles, twenty or eighteen or ten for example in order to determine how many times these small fragment of virus have to be replicated before one can see if there really is something there or not. But he didn't do that and the consequence of this is that everybody is doing what they want with regard to number of cycles. Switzerland uses on average about forty cycles, Germany uses about thirty five to forty and this is all far too high because you actually know that anything over twenty cycles twenty-four cycles always leads to a false positive test.

Arno: I have even read that after sixty cycles red wine tests positive for Corona!

Vlad: Yes, (laughing) I cannot say if red wine has the corresponding gene but yes, naturally it follows from what you are saying … after sixty cycles you will always find something. That’s just one mistake with this test protocol.

We also have to consider exactly how we should think about this test but now we don't have to because what these scientist say is that the test is … just no good… and everything that results from this test, Prof. Drosten has to answer for. This will have far-reaching consequences for him…

Arno: … perhaps not immediately so I will listen to his podcast more often to see if he reacts in any way… because actually he has to react to this … there is really no other way out for him. He really manages to escape all conflicts and confrontations in a very nice and smooth way so I am curious to see which turn this will take. But Vlad, why now? Why ten months after the whole thing is running and why not before? Why did nobody before deal with the issue in this level of clarity?

Vlad: You have to just realise that this is a very complex procedure. You have to analyse this test step by step in the publication and look into it line by line, and that takes time so it seems to me that what’s been done here is even quite fast really. You can imagine this knowing how long a team, say of five people working together, requires to solve some complex problem which has to be discussed in detail. The second point is that they are not working full time just investigating Prof. Drosten’s test. So in all I find it quite brilliant that they have done this work so fast … in a couple of months … while being careful to identify everything which doesn’t add up. If they had just started now we would probably not have seen this work for another ten months.

It is also difficult for him (Drosten) now because this group are all professionals so he can't say they are a bunch of fake news / conspiracy theorists, crackpots or laymen.

Arno: Who is this Peter Borger who leads the science team?

Vlad: Peter Borger, we have linked on our website so you can go through his research profile. He has worked at the university of Sydney in Australia and the university of Basel specialized in Medical Science. He’s an expert of molecular biologist and gene expression, signal transduction. He has over seventy scientific articles in leading international journals including the New England Journal of Medicine …that is the literary journal par excellence. So this is someone of who Drosten can’t just easily dismiss as an inexperienced young kid. And from the others, complete silence.

Peter Borger, is also quite an interesting person for example if you look at the awards he’s received e.g. the 2012 Böhringer-Ingelheim Pneumology Award, the Swiss Society for Pneumology. That means he is not a nobody and you can't accuse him for being somehow hostile to pharma. And he is not on this for political reasons he is simply saying that the test protocol is worth nothing and therefore should be withdrawn.

Arno: And how will it go from here?

Vlad: My guess is that Drosten will be silent. He has already said that the PCR test is so good and about how well it is working. It is now difficult, so he’s just going to ignore it, just like he has ignored all questions about his doctorate.

This is the man who stands as a kind of ‘moral apostle’ who tells us what to do, who says when you have a sore throat you must stay at home, and when you don’t do that you are an evil person who is bringing your environment and your fellow men into mortal danger.

So this person does not feel like answering certain questions, namely, about his PCR test. At minimum a press conference should have happened by now, and he can organise that quite well and have ‘uncle’ (Jens) Spahn next to him, and (Lothar) Wieler from the RKI and reject point by point what this consortium has pointed out about his test.

But he does not do this and would not do so because he cannot do it. And he also could not do the same concerning the problem with his doctor thesis. Who else but himself could have said this in public and then shown the proof and said ‘stay cool’ this is all in order and this is how it was done, it was done on time etc. etc. But he doesn’t do it, he lets the University of Frankfurt make a press release where they get entangled because one learns afterwards that everything they said was not true and so on and so on. So it is getting tight for him.

Arno: Yes, the pressure is getting greater?

Vlad: He can go bankrupt! Because there is this lawyer, Reiner Fuellmich. He sits in Göttingen and he is really an expert and a bit of a freak. He has something which many German lawyers do not have; namely he is allowed to practice law in the USA, and he is also doing that and has announced that he will sue for damages, among others, Professor Drosten in a class action lawsuit.

Arno: We have to say here that class actions only work in the USA and that this possibility doesn’t exist in Germany or Europe. That's why it is so valuable or so special that he has a licence so he can organise and carry out these class actions.

Vlad: Exactly right, and he has announced that he will sue Professor Drosten and of course this outside study report comes at exactly the right time for him because now he really has something solid in his hand to argue with. He can say that Drosten must have known the problem, and the Federal government must have known the problem, I mean our federal government and the authorities of this country, the RKI (Robert Koch Institute), the licensing authorities etc etc and then at a regional (state) level the same again. They are not all Drosten clones, there are plenty of reasonable people sitting there but they all said nothing. Perhaps they had thought about what he had published as a researcher but they didn't say anything. That means that from my point of view, I am not a lawyer, but the triggering factor in this chain of events was this test, and this study is something worth its weight in gold for lawyer Fuellmich because in every American court it will be relatively clear what the scientific facts are.

And he (Drosten) can't talk himself out of the legal consequences. We'll see, but interesting is what could theoretically happen … and this is speculation … if he is successfully sued in the USA with people entitled to compensation for damages. Then there is a chance that he won’t ever be a able to leave Germany again. There is no extradition agreement so Germany would certainly not extradite him but then he would ironically have the fate of ending up in quarantine so to speak.

Arno: So it remains exciting in any case and there will be a lot of things happening in the near future. This is really to be expected because there are several ‘games changers’ here which seem to be out on the table now. And therefore Vlad is in a good mood and yes, there is a bit of light for us at the end of the tunnel during these dark times.

Vlad: Yes but I still want to tell our readers, don't let anyone think I have become the optimist. Even if the rot is now so to speak stopping because the truth is coming to light, other dark clouds are already coming on us. One is now worried about the vaccines and their potential consequences so that is what really worries me.

To say again clearly I am really not against vaccines. I have also been through vaccinations but today this will not perhaps be the case anymore. But, I can only say that I will not be vaccinated because these vaccines have been developed just as solidly as the PCR test which means not at all.

Arno: Yes, we talked about this in the last-but-one-episode. And we got a glimpse of what a whistle blower from the pharmaceutical industry has reported about these new gene vaccines, about which one can say that they have not been tested nearly enough. So if you are concerned about this then please take a look now. Otherwise I have something funny to share, and it comes from Mr. Lauterbach.

Vlad: Yes, I won't say anything more and am looking forward to Mr. Lauterbach in any case.

Arno: Laughter is for simplicity's sake already included because actually it is stuck in my throat. Quote from Herr Lauterbach’s interview (Scientist and politician of the SDP) • to sounds of hilarious laughter playing in the background

“… and all three have achieved first class results; an efficacy of 90 to 95% with three very good vaccines. These are real breakthroughs for medicine and every single person will be completely vaccinated, everything we receive we will can use.

Whether the first vaccinations in Germany can take place before Christmas … I wouldn't bet on it, but if it is just shortly after that then this is very good for the race for the approval process started in the second week of December in the United States … and it will get approval in Europe immediately after that.

And we can't post on a board here that everybody can get out of everything and that therefore we can all live together and go out and party etc . First of all, we don't know if those who are vaccinated can also get re-infected again and be infectious. We can't answer that at the moment and therefore can't go out to celebrate, but they are definitely much better protected if they get sick again. And will they pass it on to others but probably not get seriously ill themselves? We cannot yet go and celebrate.”

Interviewer: But does this mean that those who are vaccinated will still be subject to the same measures? Are they not free?

“No, they are not free, because we cannot at this point exclude that those who are vaccinated could pass on the disease to others. They could infect others.

So the consideration we need to show for each other here of course also applies to the vaccinated and that is exactly the same as we demands of the younger ones who themselves are not seriously ill, and rightly so.

So if we have vaccinated enough people that the virus will die out in Germany and the risk factor groups will all be well vaccinated, so it would be back to normal in the course of 2021 or possibly at the end of 2021.”

Arno: So that is all for today. You can listen to us again if you wish in a week from now.