Visit and Seminar - Dr. Eugenio Realini, RISH, University of Kyoto

Dr. Eugenio Realini of the Research Institute of Sustainable Humanosphere at theUniversity of Kyoto visited ARC-ENV from Apr 8 to Apr 10 and gave a seminar on “GP S meteorology: principles and case studies”. Dr. Realini will collaborate with ARC-ENV faculty to set up a local-scale, GNSS-based water vapor monitoring network over the Aizu region, and explore the feasibility of improving nowcasts of heavy rainfall and fog.

The abstract of the talk is below and the presentation material is available here


Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers have become increasingly popular as embedded devices that provide coordinates for personal or vehicle navigation. Nevertheless, receiver coordinates are only a product that results from processing the main measurements obtained from GPS, that are satellite-receiver ranges. By using GPS observation processing software, that can directly process range measurements, it is possible to perform different tasks: for example, by processing the receiver observations together with those provided by a network of GPS permanent stations it is possible to increase the positioning accuracy of the receiver; on the other hand, by processing observations from a stationary receiver of known coordinates, it is possible to measure and monitor some physical quantities related to the atmosphere (e.g. the amount of water vapor). This is often referred to as “GPS meteorology”. This presentation will provide an overview of GPS observation processing, describing hardware and software solutions, including the use of low-cost GPS receivers and open source software. The implementation of a local-scale water vapor monitoring GPS network in Uji (Kyoto) will be described in details. The current availability of GPS receivers from the Japanese nation-wide GPS array GEONET in the Aizu area will also be explored, in order to investigate the possibility to implement a network densification and install a local-scale, GPS-based water vapor monitoring network in Aizu