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Going down the wrong path

Why I openly question the "New Normal" or "New life style"

Problems with the narrative

Simple facts, plain arguments, and common sense are what I ask you to consider, hoping that you will listen without prejudice and allow your reason be the judge.

We must even tackle controversial subjects with an open mind, because the cost of not questioning is a silent approval of the massive human medical experiment that we are allowing to happen.

On Masks, and On Contagion

Let us start with the pressing issue of the time -- the masks.

The best argument for masks, in my experience, is that it has been very helpful for me when I fall sick with the flu, or even the common cold. When the cold, dry bursts of wind hurt my nostrils and throat, and make me cough, the masks provide instant protection. They make me feel better; more importantly, they let me recover faster.

I also forced my children to wear masks in the months following the nuclear explosions that took place in early 2011.

I was fervently hoping that I could stave off from their lungs the dust particles that carried with them radioactive contamination from the power plants on the east coast of Fukushima. I did that, although the media and government experts, agencies, and ministers had all assured me that there was nothing to worry about the situation.

Had I read the authoritative WHO report of 2005 on the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion, I might have felt much safer, and would have known that the explosion resulted in fewer than 50 deaths.

The WHO's argument on using masks is that it protects you as well as others from the pandemic causing viruses (I say viruses, because the fact that there are multiple PCR tests for COVID-19, implies that there are multiple viral variants). Anyway, the basic assumption is that respiratory illnesses such as the cold and flu are contagious, that is they are transmitted from one person to another by the act of coughing or even breathing.

Efforts to Prove Contagiousness of 1918 Spanish Flu

10 volunteers were exposed to patients with acute influenza in hospital wards. Each volunteer was placed very near the patient, shook hands with him, chatted with him for 5 minutes, and then received the patient's breath full in his face five times while he inhaled. Finally the patient coughed five times directly in the subject's face. Each volunteer did this with each of 10 different patients, all of them acutely ill for not more than 3 days. All patients used had typical acute cases selected from a distinct focus or outbreak of disease. None of the volunteers developed the disease.

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The experiments reported above, happened as the Spanish Flu was ravaging the world. Reportedly, the Spanish Flu virus was the most virulent and contagious of all the viruses the world had known in modern times; it is supposed to have infected one third of the world's population, and caused 50 million deaths worldwide. This experiment still stands unrefuted.

In my understanding, Science unlike Religion is not a set of immutable beliefs, but a body of knowledge gained mostly through experimental enquiry following the scientific method. It is hard for most of us to accept the validity of this experiment, because it goes against our intuition. So are the tenets of Quantum Mechanics, but the experimental evidence behind our quantum mechanical understanding of nature is compelling.

So, when the WHO effectively tells us that healthy people are carrying and spreading viruses, should we accept it at face value?

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