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Going down the wrong path

Why I openly question the "New Normal" or "New life style"

A Return to Common sense

We live in times where Big Pharma wields great power, and in this there is a great potential for serious damage.

Today, we have the ridiculous situation of WHO receiving the bulk of its financial support (68%) from private donors; funding, which cannot be used for anything else other than what the private donors consider their top priority in public health issues.

Two of its major funders, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) and GAVI— the Vaccine Alliance sponsored by BMGF— provided USD 460 Million to WHO, while the richest member state provided only USD 120 Million as assessed contributions in 2019.. (In plain words, assessed contributions are the contributions that come with no strings attached.)

Ironically, WHO's biggest donors— BMGF and GAVI— espouse global health philantrocapitalism while generating a bulk of their revenue from investments in the junk food industry and Big Pharma. Further reading
Global Health Philanthropy and Institutional Relationships: How Should Conflicts of Interest Be Addressed? David Stuckler ,Sanjay Basu,Martin McKee Published: April 12, 2011

These are dangerous times, because we are told every day that there is an extremely dangerous virus lurking out there, mutating over time into ever dangerous forms, and that novel vaccines are the only way out!

However, experience teaches us many things:

  1. You can always find a prominent scientist to pander to fear mongering over pandemics.
  2. Pandemics provide opportunities to administer ill-tested medical interventions on a large section of the population.
  3. Atrocities such as the Eugenics program have happened in the past, and these were backed or even led by prominent scientists of their time.

Do we need to risk our youth's health and future?

Japan is an aging society. It's youth are much more precious because of this.

At least for the sake of future generations to come, it is our duty to interrogate the situation. Scientific papers and research won't help us, unless these are undertaken objectively and without bias. It is only our common sense that can help us. Let us exercise it before it is too late.

« WHO and the Swine Flu

Inconsistencies in the COVID story »