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Going down the wrong path

Why I openly question the "New Normal" or "New life style"

I am thankful for the opportunity to present my views on the restrictions associated with the "New Normal" or "New life style" (hereafter, "New Normal") that have been in place since early 2020. Before I explain my views, please allow me to make some statements so that my actions are not misunderstood.

I am not opposing the 'New Normal' for personal reasons; it is not about my freedom. Japan has almost no restrictions compared to many countries, especially the developed ones. It is the easiest thing to wear a mask or to keep distance from others, if these are indeed the right things to do.

I am opposing it after a careful study of the available information and data related to COVID-19, a new pandemic disease as announced by the World Health Organization (WHO) in early 2020.

There are two severe issues with maintaining the 'New Normal'.

  1. Firstly, an objective analysis of available data and information shows that there is a deliberate attempt to exaggerate the dangers of COVID-19. This is clearly unethical, given the dire implications of the 'New Normal' itself.
  2. Secondly, the 'New Normal' maintains a state of fear and restrictions that will drive the common person to participate in one of the most riskiest medical experiments in recent history—the campaign of mass vaccinations which use medical interventions that have not been properly tested for safety.
    • The medical technologies used in the mass vaccination campaigns are novel, and are exciting to a lot of medical researchers. These technologies hold much promise for tackling severe disease conditions for which currently no treatments exist, for example cystic fibrosis.

      However, such new technologies have never been properly evaluated for its safety in human beings, and not certainly for its ability to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Safety evaluation of a new medical technology is of paramount importance because the nature, quantity, and duration of adverse events are impossible to predict without appropriately designed clinical trials.
    • Currently, the COVID-19 situation and the 'New Normal' are used as a justification by the WHO, national health authorities and governments around the world to bypass such rigorous trials.

Clearly, maintaining the 'New Normal' is very dangerous for most people. Therefore, as a responsible academic, it is my duty to firmly oppose the 'New Normal'. I have no choice but to oppose it; otherwise, my silent approval will hurt the Japanese taxpayer who pays my salary and sponsors my free pursuit of scientific research.

It will hurt the people of India, who provided me with a quality education, and taught me the meaning of justice, objectivity, and fairness as exemplified in Mahatma Gandhi and Judge Radhabinod Pal

Please allow me to explain the two above mentioned issues in some detail. But, before that, I would like to make some comments about "Science and Scientists", so as to put in context the often-repeated mantra "Believe in the Science!"

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