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THE CLIMATE KELPIE BLOG: Indian Ocean in the climate ‘driver’s seat’ for 2019

Droughts over Australia -- current situation and outlook

Australia - ABC News

A positive Indian Ocean Dipole this winter is bad news for drought-hit parts of Australia

India - Prof. Sridhar Balasubramanian assesses the impact of the 2019 IOD on Indian summer rains

As El Niño Plays Villain, Could the Indian Ocean Dipole Save Monsoon 2019?

India - Economic Times : IMD's assessment featuring Dr. Pai

Local Indian Ocean phenomenon may bring better rainfall despite El Nino

India - Business Times : IMD updates assessment for latter half of 2019

Excess rainfall in half of India in August: IMD

India - my assessment of where the IOD is going from now

2019 to Be One of Strongest Indian Ocean Dipole Years On Record: Expert

Singapore - the newpaper : Hotter and drier than normal years

Dry spell likely caused by climate phenomenon

Singapore - The Strait Times : Dry spell to last long

Dry spell in Singapore likely to last several months

Indonesia - Forest fires and haze

ASEAN should move faster for mitigation of peatland fires, haze

Indonesia - NASA : Smoke blankets Borneo

Smoke blankets Borneo

Indonesia - Al Jazeera : Schools and airports to close in Sumatra

Indonesia fires forces schools and airport to close in Sumatra

Indonesia - : Fires and Smog In Indonesia

Fires in Indonesia Blanket Islands and Cities in Smog

Iran - The Tehran Times

Will Iran experience above-normal rainfall during autumn?