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How did past IOD events impact Equatorial East Africa?

Reports on flood related issues during the 2006 IOD

An early report on 2006 E. African floods by P. Moszynski in BMJ (Sep 2006)

UNICEF reports on E. African floods during Nov of 2006

IFRC reports on E. African floods during 2006--2007

Scientific articles on relation between IOD and E. African rains

Dipole: the Indian Nino that has brought devastating drought to East Africa

The relationship between Indian Ocean sea–surface temperature and East African rainfall

The Indian Ocean dipole – the unsung driver of climatic variability in East Africa

Below are scanned pages from Hermann Flohn's classic paper, a paper which I read with much benefit when I was working towards an understanding of IOD

Flohn pg1 Flohn pg2 Flohn pg3 Flohn pg4 Flohn pg5 Flohn pg6 Flohn pg7 Flohn pg8